On 9th December 2020 the Agri-tech webinar was hosted by the Embassy of Italy to the UAE as part of the InnovItalyUAE initiative, and the Ambassador of Italy to the InnovItalyUAE was joined by a range of speakers from industry and academia. InnovItalyUAE looks at opportunities to enhance bilateral cooperation in innovation between Italy and the UAE, and is held in partnership with the Khalifa University of Science and Technology and the Dubai Future Foundation. Agri-Tech: As a key for food security is the final forum in a series of six that have taken place over the last three months discussing innovation topics, ranging from smart cities to developing a global vaccine for Covid-19. The speakers have shown that collaboration and innovation is key, especially in light of the global challenges, growing demands for food, environmental resources and the imapact of COVID-19 on access to food and rescources. Agro food innovation will be considered by many participating countries as the main response to the post pandemic world at Expo2020 Dubai. Water resource usage and high-tech agriculture will be part of the advanced initiatives shown at the event. Italy and the UAE can play a strong role in joining forces with universities, research centres and companies at Expo2020 Dubai to further these advancements.

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