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METROFOOD-RI for Carlotta Award 2022

The “Carlotta Award 2022” second edition is promoted by European Research Infrastructure METROFOOD-RI, ENEA and Academy of Sciences known as the XL. Sponsored by the Internetional Program ICARDA CGIAR Research Centre, Wheat Initiative , EUCARPIA and KWS.

It is reserved exclusively for woman researchers under 40.

This Second Edition is hosted within the most important International Congress on cereals and derived food products, the International Conference "From Seed to Pasta IV" to be held in Bologna on 26-28 October 2022.

The scientific areas on which the works are focused will be two, related to the main themes of the FSTP-4 Congress, 1-5 (a) and 6-8 (b) respectively:

a) wheat genetics, genomics and breeding;
b) sustainable wheat production for food security, food quality and safety, durum wheat-pasta value chain

In addition to the 4 winners of the Carlotta Award 2022, on the same topics, 4 female researchers, operating in developing and/or emerging Countries, will be selected with special mentions for their excellent work, regardless of high IF publications and/or important funding.

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METROFOOD-RI contributes to the European project AgroServ on Agroecology

The Horizon Europe project AgroServ, led by AnaEE and CNRS, gathers more than 70 partners and has recently been granted of 15M€ for a duration of 5 years. It will boost the research for a resilient and sustainable European agriculture system, and the agroecological transitions. The overarching mission of AgroServ is to support research and innovation by providing customised and integrated RI services in view of achieving a sustainable and resilient agriculture and supporting agroecological transitions. This aim will take place in line with the One-Health approach, with particular regard to threats and risks on agroecosystems and to enhance new agroecological practices and their socio-economic benefits.

AgroServ, thanks to a large consortium of recognized European Research Infrastructures, features a vast offer of services at all scales, from the molecule, to the organism, to the ecosystem, and to the society. AgroServ goes beyond the state-of-the-art because it will allow users access, for the first time, to make use of a consistent, integrated, and customized offer of services from several RIs spanning all relevant disciplines: they will bring together several types of expertise, disciplines and technologies, integrating competences from chemists, biologists, agronomists, ecologists, bioengineers, analysts, sociologists, economists.

The transdisciplinary offer of services will have a high impact on the future of the food system, preserving biodiversity and reducing the impact of agriculture on climate. The consortium will work closely with partners from the society, farmers, industry, citizens and policy makers, through living labs and towards the establishment of evidence-based policy, and codeveloped practices in agriculture. By delivering a pan-European and inter/multidisciplinary data ecosystem, and providing state-of-the art services on agroecosystems, the project will society long-term capacity to respond to global challenges in the agriculture sector. It will also provide evidence-based policy making for a resilient and sustainable agricultural system and enable new discoveries and knowledge breakthroughs in the field of agroecology. Through user engagement and Living Lab activities, it will develop the agroecology research community, encourage cross-fertilisation and enable a wider sharing of knowledge. 

The project is expected to start by the end of 2022. 

METROFOOD-PP Final Conference - Boosting Research and Joint Cooperation: an Agrifood System Snapshot (19 May 2022)

 We are proud to announce the METROFOOD-PP Final Conference - Boosting Research and Joint Cooperation: an Agrifood System Snapshot, which will be held the 19th of May at the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest. Starting from the achievement of METROFOOD-PP project, with the goals and outcomes we set ourselves at supporting METROFOOD-RI to grow and move forward, the conference will represent the occasion to debate about the relevance of boosting research, cooperation, innovation, and stakeholder engagement in support to the agrifood.

The Conference will gather together representative of the scientific community and the relevant stakeholders of the agrifood system to discuss the main related challenges (with reference, e.g. to food quality & safety, traceability & transparency, digitalization, circular bioeconomy, sustainability and resilience) and share the point of view of both food businesses, covering primary production and food and drink industry, and consumers, even highlighting the importance of directly engaging all the different actors by applying multi-actor and co-creation approaches. Furthermore, the point of view of research and national metrology institutes will be considered, highlighting the importance of harmonization and standardization.

The conference will be organized in blended version, so it will be possible to participate either in presence or remotely . We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the conference!

Click here to register:

It is possible to register for both in presence and remote participation. Registration in presence will be possible until the conference venue capacity is full (fulfilling all the necessary security conditions in relation to COVID-19). Registration for participation in presence will close the 15th of May, while registration for remote participation will close the 17th of May. Please note that all times in the agenda are Romanian time (EEST).

Download the Agenda  

How to reach the venue

Organizing Committee: - Nastasia Belc, Denisa Duta, Gabriel Mustatea, Luiza Pascal, Cristina Stanciu – IBA - Claudia Zoani, Giuseppina Del Signore, Ombretta Presenti, Emilia Pucci – ENEA

Webinar I mercole(Dì) della scienza, Fidapa-BPW Italy Project

 "I (mercole)Dì della Scienza e della Tecnologia" it'a a cycle of dissemination webinars on scientific and technological topics with a great impact on the quality of life, health, society and the economy organized by the Fidapa-BPWItaly-Section of Rome for Italian members to underline that research is the basis of every advancement in human society. 

Claudia Zoani, MetrofoodRI coordinator, is involved with a webinar titled: "Il sistema agroalimentare e l’importanza di qualità, sicurezza e rintracciabilità/The agri-food system and the importance of quality, safety and traceability" on the 20th of april 2022 (in italian).

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Link to the webinar (zoom):

ID riunione: 847 6501 9960

Passcode: 560249  


The METROFOOD-PP webinar series started the last 7th of February 2022, is concluded. If you need a certificate of attendance please send an email to .

The recorded webinars will be soon on-line.