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SAVE THE DATE METROFOOD-PP CONNECTOR EVENT Explore societal engagement in research and innovation!

The METROFOOD-RI consortium organises the METROFOOD-PP CONNECTOR EVENT - Explore societal engagement in research and innovation. The event will take place on-line on 27 January 2022 and will be realized in two “twin” (identical) sessions in order to facilitate the participation from different geographical areas: session1 - 10:00 - 12:00 CET, session 2 -15:00 -17:00 CET. METROFOOD-RI is currently undertaking its Preparatory Phase under the H2020 funded METROFOOD-PP project and is seeking for collaboration & links with actors from different geographical regions to strengthen bi-directional partnerships and cooperation of mutual benefit.


The FoodTraNet project officially Kick-off!

The Kick off Meeting of the H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie project FoodTraNet (GA 956265) took place the 9 and 10 of December on-line, with the participation of the consortium members, the 15 selected Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), representatives of the Industry Liaison Group and the Advisory Board. 

The project is coordinated by Prof. Nives Ogrinc from JSI (Slovenia). Claudia Zoani, as METROFOOD-RI coordinator, is member of the Advisory Board  

For more information, visit the project website: 

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Prof. Antonia Trichopoulou, Director of HHF

Prof. Antonia Trichopoulou, Director of HHF has been elected as a full member in the Academy of Athens in the Chair of "Medical Sciences: Epidemiology and Public Health". 

Short CVs of Prof.Trichopoulou in English can be accessed in the following links:  

You can find the detailed Press Release in the following link, it is available - unfortunately - only in Greek:

METROFOOD-PP 4th Project Progress meeting on-line

The METROFOOD-PP 4th Project Progress Meeting took place last 24 and 25 November. After 2 years of intense activities, the METROFOOD-PP Consortium meet for discussing the advancements of the activities in the first 24 months of the project and to prepare in detail the next steps for the last 6 months. All the WPs of the three project blocks were discussed in detail (Block 1 “Building METROFOOD-RI”, Block 2 “Structuring METROFOOD-RI”, Block 3 “Strategic Planning”), along with the activities related to WP15 “Dissemination”, project coordination and management (WP1) and ethics aspects (WP16). We had the pleasure to host at the meeting also our Project Officer, who gave an inspiring introductory speech.Due to the sanitary restrictions, it was no possible to have all the consortium members meeting in presence, but we had this time the opportunity to organise the meeting in a blended version: the Management Committee members participated in presence, thanks to the local organization of our Belgian partner, Sciensano; all the consortium members, with representatives from all the 48 partner institutions involved in the project participated on-line, with a total of 102 participants the first day and 100 the second day. It was a pity not to meet all of us in person, but – after 2 years of remote work – the possibility to have at least the Management Committee in presence was like a milestone for us and the great participation and contribution from the colleagues participating on-line permitted us to have a very active and fruitful discussion. As always, the best strengthen is the team… our METROFOOD-family!  

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FoodSafety4EU project 1st pre-Forum dedicated to its #SupportingPartner!

FoodSafety4EU project organises the 1st pre-Forum dedicated to its #SupportingPartner! The event will take place online and it will represent the first step to build the future Food Safety Forum together with researchers, policymakers, industry representatives, consumers, food safety authorities and all the other relevant actors that will join it. The topic of this edition is “Sustainable food: how to keep it safe?“. More information and the agenda will be available soon but you can pre-register filling this form. For specific requests, you can contact us via email () or on our social networks.

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METROFOOD-RI launches its RM-App

In the frame of the METROFOOD-PP project (GA 871083), METROFOOD-RI launches the new RM-App, a new tool addressed mostly to researchers and testing laboratories allowing to search for available Reference Materials (RMs) dedicated to the agrifood research area. The database includes the worldwide production of RMs of interest for the agrifood sector, covering both Matrix-RMs and pure substances for calibration. The RMs included in the database are categorised in classes and sub-classes of parameters and matrices and can be searched for the desired parameter or matrix, or by using a cross-search per matrix-analyte combination. The RM-App is open, and can be freely accessed upon registration on our Authentication & Authorisation Infrastructure. Click here to create your account and enter the App. Let’s find the available RMs fit for you purpose, thus promoting metrology in food and nutrition and imporivng the reliability of measurement results! For information and support: