Report including a summary of the creation and update of the dissemination materials defined for METROFOOD-RI, which will be used as the official communication material of the Infrastructure. The dissemination material includes: 1 poster and 2 roll ups on METROFOOD-RI in English; Brochure on METROFOOD-RI in English; Contact Card; 18 posters on the National Nodes (1 per Node) in English; 18 leaflets on the National Nodes (1 per Node) in English and in the national language of the Node; 4 promotional flyers, addressed to the 4 main user categories, in English; METROFOOD-RI standardised presentation, with details on METROFOOD-PP. The dissemination material is made available for free download from the “media room” project website (https://www.metrofood.eu/media-room/dissemination-material.html).